Transfer Seal 7 Wishes



Sticker sheet with 7 lovely objects: crown, heart, rose, cross, skull, butterfly and star.
The text with love messages can be used as bottom layer for resin objects.

Contents:1 decal, plastic bar
Colour: Gold
Transfer size: 90×120 mm
Package size: 100×173 mm
Made in Japan

In stock

Place your design on the surface you wish to apply to.
Rub the transfer gently but firmly.
Slowly lift the design from one corner to make sure you got the entire design.

With the UV soft resin “Drips of the Sun”, you can easily make resin parts. Just pour a little resin on the transfer decal and cure it for 2 minutes under UV light. Slowly lift it from the sheet and now you have a resin accessory ready to use in your own artworks.

The sticker part with the love messages can be used as a back layer for resin art.

How to use:

Place design on chosen object

1. Pour color resin in setting
and cure with UV light.
Put clear resin slightly onto it.
2. Cut a decal in proper size
and place onto the resin.
3. Peel off the film slowly. 4. Pour plenty of resin until
swelling and cure it again.


Enclose the object

Fill half of the mold with resin
and cure it under UV-light.
Add a little more resin, place
the decal facing downwards
and cure it.

Pour resin until mold is fully
covered and cure again.
Cover with colour resin and
cure it a last time.


Make resin accessories

Choose your design and pour resin
on the backside of the decal.
Cure under UV light and you
have a resin accessory.
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