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Padico UV-Led Resin “Moon Drop” Hard 100gr [NEW]



Minimizing shrinkage and warp, no wrinkles in curing with silicone mold. Crystal clear resin with long term non-yellowing protection.
Ingredients:Acrylic UV curable resin
Bottle size:Φ40mm×H160mm

About this item

  • Cured with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(36W).
  • Crystal clear resin with long term* non-yellowing protection.
  • No wrinkles or creases in curing with silicone mold.
  • Cure starts in a second, and completely done in 30-120 seconds.
  • Expose the light from top side & the bottom one for sure to cure inside of the resin.
  • Minimize the warp of the resin in curing.
  • Low heat shrinkage 3.5% gives better performance with open back bezels.
  • Cure well under the sunlight.
  • The surface of a cured item does not cause stickness feeling.

* There may be a case of discoloration caused by aged deterioration.

Durability List

UV-LED light, UV light, Sunlight

Fluorescent light, Near window (under shade)

No Reaction:
Home LED appliance

Curing Time

Expose the light from both top & bottom sides.

  • UV-LED light (6W-9W) 30-120 seconds
  • UV light (36W) 2-4 minutes
  • Bright sunlight 30-120 seconds
  • Cloudy sunlight 3-10 minutes

* Curing period differs with size and seasonal changes.
* Take longer cure time when the colorant resin is used.


Crystal Clear Resin Beautiful curing performance with silicone mold
Excellent work to fit a cured resin in a frame
and in an open back bezel due to the low shrinkage.
Minimize warpping
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