Padico Silicone Mold – Waterdrop 10x15mm


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Padico Silicone Mold – Waterdrop – Perfect for UV Resin.
Create beautiful waterdrop shaped resin jewellery with fabulous silicone mould from Padico. Suitable for use with UV, UV-Led and Epoxy Resin, it’s soft nature means you can simply push your creation out!

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Waterdrop mold can be made two different drops.
One has a hole which makes easy to set an accessory part like eye bolt on top.
The other one has simple shape of drop witout a hole.
A just fit resin eye bolt can be made wth this mold.
Approximately 1 gram of resin needs for one water drop.

Mold Size:54×37×18mm
Net weight:20g
Package size:90×150×19mm
Gross weight:23.5g
Silicone mold for 10x15mm size water drop with a hole/ 10×15.5mm sized water drop without a hole, and 4Φ×7mm sized eyebolt 1 pc in a package
Use:Resin Craft
Upper limited temperature:200℃
Lower limited temperature:-50℃

Tips for making beautiful drop
Pour resin not up to the edge of the mold to avoid burrs.
First 1-2 drops of resin for covering the narrow top. Use a stick to take bubbles out.

How to reduce burr on the drop
Use sandpaper #600 to deburr. Fill resin in a recess.
Rub with sandpaer again and cover it with gloss coat.

Product video:

How to use:

1. Pour resin little by little up to just below the spout. Do not speard it to the out. Get rid of bubbles by sticking a toothpick. Cure it under the UV-LED lamp.
※Turn the mold over and cure it again with LED light.

2. Push the resin out from its back after cooling down.
※The resin has high temperature just after exposed. Please be careful.

3. Fill a hollow part with a small amount of resin and cure to make its shape round

4. Set an eyebolt
Paste resin on eyebolt and insert it. Cure it again. It can be fasten with glue

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