Jewel Mold Mini Simple Shape



Transparant soft mold with simple shapes in 7 different sizes with rounded edges.
Dimensions: 8,5 x 8,5 mm (square), 11 x 8 mm (square), 12 x 4 mm (square), 15 x 4 mm (square), 7,7 x 9 mm (triangle), 9 x 8 mm (triangle), 12,5 x 8 mm (diamond).
Each shape has a 2,5 mm thickness.

Product size: W50×H40×D10mm
Package size:W95×H110×D14mm
Colour: transparant
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Heat resistant temperature: 70°C / Cold resistant temperature: -20°C
Made in Japan

In stock

Transparant silicone molds for crafting your own jewelry with UV/LED resin and craft clay.
The mold is transparant enough to cure with UV/UV-LED light.
If used as a clay mold, oil the surface before use.

PADICO is a Japanese company that develops molds for clay and UV resin, among other things. Only the best materials are used for safety and use. Their high quality is highly regarded.

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