UV hars (EN)

This UV Led resin from the Japanese PADICO is a fantastic one component resin. Unlike the cheap chinese ones, this one doesn't turn yellow. The resin hardens by means of LED light, UV light and sunlight. You can of course also opt for our own brand. Cheaper and of excellent...

Mallen (EN)

We supply various types of quality molds directly from stock. Looking for something specific? Ask us! We search with you. Molds can also be custom made.

Accessories (EN)

All kinds of accessories for your UV projects. From glitter, jewellery pliers (very handy!), mixing bowls and stirring sticks, UV lamps, varnish (matt and glossy) to objects to pour into resin (fillings). You will find it here. Also, earrings and necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold. Take a look...

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